About Dr. Dorie

“Dr. Dorie” McCubbrey, PhD, MSEd, LPC, LAC, CEDS
Eating Disorder Addiction Expert – 20+ yr experience
Creator of Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™
Owner & Clinical Director, Positive Pathways PLLC

Meet Dr. Dorie – The “Don’t Diet” Doctor

Believing that she had to be “thin to fit in,” Dorie went on her first diet when she was in the 6th Grade – and joined two-thirds of girls who are estimated to be on their first diet by their 10th birthday. At first she received compliments for her weight loss, but by age 11 she had developed anorexia. Threatened to be “tube-fed” if she didn’t eat more, she restored enough weight so her friends and family wouldn’t worry. Although she “looked fine,” she continued to struggle with body image issues and fluctuated between dieting and binge eating throughout Middle School and High School. In College, she was a varsity athlete, and ultimately developed bulimia, like many of her teammates. In Graduate School, Dorie’s restrictive eating, binge eating and purging worsened – with weight fluctuations from anorexic lows to highs of obesity. In her late 20’s, Dorie sought treatment for her eating disorders, and finally found freedom from these behaviors after more than 15 years of misery. She wondered, “What would have happened if I never went on that first diet?”

Now, as an Eating Disorder Addiction Specialist with 20 years of clinical experience, it is Dr. Dorie’s mission to offer intuitive solutions to eating disorders and addictions. She is passionate about guiding her clients on their journeys of recovery, as well as training clinicians to make a unique difference for the clients they serve.

A Dittie from Dr. Dorie

I know what it’s like to struggle with diets, eating disorders, and other addictions. I also know how to be free, and I’d like to share my recovery wisdom with YOU!

By the way, my favorite color is LEOPARD PRINT! This as a symbol of my recovery, which reflects courageously being seen as my True Self (no matter what I weigh)!