Eating Disorder Webinars

Are you looking for eating disorder certification?
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"Taste" of EDIT™ - FREE Webinar!

Monday, November 18th
4-5p Pacific | 5-6p Mountain | 6-7p Central | 7-8p Eastern

Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ can help you:
  1. LEARN SKILLS to guide recovery from all types of eating disorders
  2. GAIN CONFIDENCE to assist others in this much needed specialty
  3. ATTRACT CLIENTS and grow your counseling or coaching business

Join this FREE LIVE event and you’ll participate in Q&A and group discussion, PLUS you’ll have the opportunity to WIN a 1-on-1 MENTORING CALL with Dr. Dorie (and other special gifts)!

Can’t attend the live event? Register anyway, and receive a link to watch the replay. 


EDIT™ Level II Certification - Webinar Workshop

Monday, December 9th
4-7p Pacific | 5-8p Mountain | 6-9p Central | 7-10p Eastern

Become an EDIT™ Certified II – Eating Disorder Treatment Clinician  or an EDIT™ Certified II – Eating Disorder Recovery Coach! During this combination of online Independent Study and an Eating Disorder Webinar Workshop, you can earn a certificate for 10 Continuing Education Credits and certification in Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ which is a comprehensive approach for the treatment of eating disorders, featuring evidence-based practices and innovative integrative techniques.

Can’t make this date? Enroll anyway, and get started with your Independent Study. These 3-hour Eating Disorder Webinars are offered every 4-6 weeks, and 2020 dates are coming soon! 

Dr. Dorie Shows EDIT™ In Action through Role Play Videos

  • Love Your Self — discover how to improve body image and clarify values
  • Be True To Your Self — enjoy intuitive eating and mindful meal skills
  • Express Your Self — safely explore emotions as healing messengers
  • Give To Your Self — practice self-care to replace eating disorders
  • Believe In Your Self — implement relapse prevention for ongoing success

During the Eating Disorder Webinar Workshop, you’ll see a series of five role play videos, where Dr. Dorie illustrates how to use the five EDIT™ Principles with a client. In addition, you and the other participants will get to practice your EDIT™ Skills through LIVE role plays with Dr. Dorie! You will be the Clinician or Coach, and Dr. Dorie will be a client from your current caseload. If you don’t yet have a client, you can choose the type of eating disorder you’d like to gain experience working with (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, or Binge Eating Disorder).

When You Enroll in EDIT™ Level II Certification
Here’s What You’ll Receive:

This interactive training of up to 6 partipints for each LIVE Webinar Workshop is conducted by the creator of EDIT™ – “Dr. Dorie” McCubbrey, PhD, MSEd, LPC, LAC, CEDS. Participation in an online workshop fulfills most of the requirements to be EDIT™ Certified II, with the benefits of online training from the comfort of your home or office (or outdoors)! Please review the sections below for additional features and benefits.

Upon registration, you will receive immediate access to the downloadable EDIT™ Training Manual and EDIT™ Worksheets. The six 1-hour EDIT™ Training Videos will walk you through the entire training manual. It is suggested that you print the manual so you can take notes. The manual will guide you in using the EDIT™ tools and techniques illustrated through the EDIT™ Worksheets. You may print and use these worksheets in sessions with your clients.

As a part of your Independent Study, you will also receive downloadable guidelines about becoming an EDIT™ Certified – Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, or an EDIT™ Certified -Eating Disorder Treatment Clinician. You will receive DO’s and DONT’s to help you stay within the guidelines for your profession. In addition, at the retreat, there will be special sessions just for Coaches and Clinicians!

After completing the Independent Study, you may submit your EDIT™ Certified Test to Dr. Dorie for review. This short test features basic questions about the EDIT™ Theory and Principles, plus a case study where you can demonstrate the application of EDIT™ Techniques. Although this test will not be “graded,” it is required for documentation of your EDIT™ Training and to become EDIT™ Certified I.

Over the course of the 3-hour Eating Disorder Webinar Workshop program, participants will explore the concept of “thought ED-ITs” – to shift from the mindset of the Eating Disorder (ED) into the healing wisdom of the Intuitive Therapist (IT). Role plays will illustrate a dialogue between ED and IT, for each of the five EDIT™ Principles – Love Your Self, Be True To Your Self, Express Your Self, Give To Your Self, Believe In Your Self.

Another part of the Eating Disorder Webinar Workshopis where you get to practice your EDIT™ Skills in a role play with Dr. Dorie! You will be the Clinician or Coach, and Dr. Dorie will be a clients. Please note that doing a role play with Dr. Dorie is your “Oral Exam” to complete the EDIT™ Certified II requirements.

So that Dr. Dorie can provide you with individual guidance, you’ll receive TWO 30-minute phone mentoring sessions with Dr. Dorie. She recommends scheduling one call BEFORE the webinar you participate in, then the other call AFTER. But it’s up to you! Schedule the calls to meet your specific needs.

Upon completion of the oral exam, you may use the title EDIT™ Certified II, which adds credibility for your client work in the specialty area of eating disorders treatment . You’ll also receive an EDIT™ Certified II certificate, which is suitable for framing and can be used for documentation of 10 CEUs. A detailed description of the clinical content and Dr. Dorie’s credentials can be provided upon request, which most licensure boards will accept as proof of CEUs for licensure renewal. An EDIT™ Certified badge will be provided for your use on your website and other marketing materials.

As a special follow-up bonus for retreat participants, you may create a profile to be featured in the online EDIT™ Certified Directory. Your profile includes your photo, contact information, and a paragraph description of services. Your listing is FREE for one full year, with links back to your website which can enhance your Search Engine Optimization.