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EDIT™ Certified Level II - Webinar Workshops

EDIT™ Certified Level II includes everything in Level I (Independent Study), PLUS an interactive Webinar Workshop hosted by Dr. Dorie. You’ll see “EDIT™ In Action” through role play video examples, have the opportunity to get your questions answered, and practice your EDIT™ Skills through role plays with Dr. Dorie. Your participation in one of these LIVE events fulfills the requirements to become EDIT™ Certified Level II. Here are the upcoming dates:

  • Monday, June 10 @7-10pm (Eastern)
  • Monday, July 22 @7-10pm (Eastern)
  • Monday, August 26 @7-10pm (Eastern)

FREE Conference Calls & Facebook Live with Dr. Dorie

International No Diet Day | Monday, May 6th

Join Dr. Dorie – the “Don’t Diet Doctor” – to celebrate:
~ Facebook Live: Dr. Dorie’s Un-Diet @2:15pm (Eastern)
          To participate: go to Dr. Dorie’s Facebook Page
~ FREE Conference Call: Dr. Dorie’s Un-Diet @8-9pm (Eastern) 
          To participate: Email Dr. Dorie

You’ll learn:
~ why diets don’t work, and how Dr. Dorie’s Un-Diet can help
~ 3 steps to get started on your path of diet freedom TODAY
~ 5 ways to undo the damage that diets have done

Dr. Dorie hosts Complimentary Conference Calls and Facebook Live events once every month, on timely topics which illustrate the EDIT™ Principles.

Workshops with Dr. Dorie in Evergreen, Colorado

Wilderness Therapy Workshop
Sunday, June 9 | 10am-1pm

Join this small group of up to 8 members as we take an easy walk into a nearby nature area. Dr. Dorie will guide therapeutic practices which incorporate the surrounding wilderness so that you can:

• enhance connection with your intuitive wisdom
• release (or transform) what holds you back
• explore healing through elements of nature
• discover new directions which are calling you
• experience rituals to continue with at home

This workshop is ideal for Counselors and Coaches interested to learn about Wilderness Therapy, as well as those in recovery from eating disorders and addictions. Early Bird Registration now open (thru May 19th). For more details: VIEW FLYER

Choose the EDIT™ Certified Track That’s Right For You!

No Matter Your Level of Formal Education, there is an EDIT™ program designed for whatever stage of learning you’re in.
Track 1:
Eating Disorder Peer Support
Ideal For: those with their own eating disorder recovery experience and no formal training as a coach or counselor; this training provides tools for peer-led support groups, motivational speaking, writing blog posts or books, or as a recovery activist.
EDIT™ Certified Programs
Eating Disorder Certification - LEVELS I, II, III
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Interested in having Dr. Dorie speak at your next event?

Continuing Education (thru NBCC)

Need CE’s? Dr. Dorie was recently invited to produce a presentation for the Gurze/ Salucore Eating Disorder Resource Website. Receive 1 CE (thru the NBCC for therapists) by participating:

  • “Hungry Wolves: False Self vs True Self in Eating Disorder Recovery”
    Use the EDIT™ Principles guide clients from false self to True Self