Dr. Dorie's UnDiet™ Coach Counselor Training

Diets Don't Work!
Use EDIT™ to Help Clients UnDiet™
6-Week Training for EDIT™ Professionals

A Weighty Problem

Research reveals that 95% of dieters regain any weight they may lose – usually ending up weighing more than when they started dieting. Some people can literally diet their way up to obesity. Can your clients relate?

About 1/3 of people enrolled at weight loss centers have Binge Eating Disorder – but they may not know it. All they know is that they feel “out of control” when they break their diet, eating “everything they shouldn’t.” Sound like your clients?

At the other extreme, 35% of dieters become “obsessed” with weight loss, and no matter what they weigh, it’s “never good enough.” These people may be on their way to developing other types of eating disorders, such as Anorexia or Bulimia. Are your clients dying to be thin?

As an EDIT™ Certified Professional, you can apply your Intuitive Therapist’s wisdom to help clients who struggle with chronic dieting and weight loss obsession. Dr. Dorie’s UnDiet™ curriculum, which utilizes key EDIT™ Worksheets, can help your clients to undo the damage that dieting can do. When your clients follow this 6-week program, they’ll discover how to practice Self-Love & Self-Care, and enjoy Health at Every Size (HAES®) as a natural outcome. Why weight?

Dr. Dorie's UnDiet™ Solution

Dr. Dorie’s UnDiet™ is the culmination of Dr. Dorie’s 25 years of research about eating disorders, obesity treatment, weight stigma, fat shaming, and other food and body issues. Through her her personal experience in recovery, Dr. Dorie learned 5 key principles now known as EDIT™ (Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy), which she uses to guide her clients. Dr. Dorie has found that these 5 EDIT™ principles have essential applications for people struggling with weight problems and obesity. Even though your clients may not have eating disorders, Dr. Dorie’s UnDiet™ can help prevent the development of an eating disorder in the future. Most importantly, Dr. Dorie’s UnDiet™ can undo the damage that diets can do, guiding your clients through Self-Love & Self Care to enjoy Health at Every Size (HAES®).
After testing various program formats, Dr. Dorie has honed in on a 6-Week Program for the best outcomes. In both 1-on-1 and group settings, Dr. Dorie’s clients report a 95% success rate, achieving goals such as: loving the image in the mirror, finding freedom with food (without binge eating), using healthy coping skills (to end emotional eating), nurturing self-care practices (instead of diet deprivation), and long-term success (free of dieting forever)! By achieving these goals, Health at Every Size (HAES®) is a natural outcome! Previously, Dr. Dorie’s UnDiet™ was only available by meeting in-person with Dr. Dorie at her office in Denver, Colorado. Now, your clients can receive all of the features and benefits that her clients report, through a 6-Week Program, delivered via email directly to your in-box!
When you register for the UnDiet™ Training for EDIT™ Professionals, you'll receive Dr. Dorie’s UnDiet™ curriculum which includes: Dr. Dorie’s UnDiet™ Workbook (a 104-page document that you can print to use with your clients), plus Dr. Dorie’s UnDiet™ Messages (six audio recordings in an mp3 format, which you can play for your clients, or listen to, and then create your own script). You'll use your EDIT™ skills to attract clients who struggle with weight issues, and help prevent eating disorders.
Get training and support about implementing this UnDiet™ curriculum into your practice! The best way to do that is to DO IT yourself! Dr. Dorie will lead you through a 6-week UnDiet™ Group, ACTING AS IF you are her own clients. This guides you to LIVE the UnDiet™ concepts in your own life, which allows you to be the best guide for others! The Training Group will be held via conference call at the dates/times listed in the section below.

Join Dr. Dorie's NEW UnDiet™ Training Group!

Dr. Dorie’s UnDiet™ Training Group for EDIT™ Certified Professionals has 2 SPOTS LEFT! Registration open thru June 25 or until space is full.

  • ATTRACT CLIENTS who need help with Weight Loss Obsession and Diet Freedom
  • USE A CURRICULUM which has already been developed and tested by Dr. Dorie
  • GET TRAINING to effectively guide your clients in groups or on a 1-on-1 basis

After you make your purchase, you’ll receive an email giving you access to download Dr. Dorie’s UnDiet™ curriculum. Next, you’ll participate in a 6-Week Training Group for EDIT™ Certified Professionals. You’ll be guided through Dr. Dorie’s UnDiet™ program, as if you are one of Dr. Dorie’s clients. This will allow you to live the UnDiet™ concepts in your own life, so you can most effectively guide YOUR clients. PLUS, you can ask Dr. Dorie any questions you may have about implementing Dr. Dorie’s UnDiet™ curriculum with your clients! Your investment for the curriculum and 6-week group is ONLY $195.

Wednesdays – June 26, July 10, July 24, August 7, August 21, August 28
8:30-10p Eastern | 7:30-9p Central | 6:30-8p Mountain | 5:30-7p Pacific
Have to miss a group? As long as it’s not the first or last, no problem!

Are You Struggling With These Issues? Dr. Dorie Can Help!
At Positive Pathways, Dr. Dorie believes that complete recovery from Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and Food Addiction is possible! Dr. Dorie will customize a treatment plan using her proven method of Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ to meet your specific needs. You’ll learn intuitive eating strategies to help you be more mindful of the type and amount of food your body truly needs. You’ll discover how to use “intuitive structure” to gradually make peace with food that you used to be “addicted to.” You’ll discover “what’s eating you” and learn healthy ways of expressing your emotions and resolving challenging situations. You’ll replace your eating disordered behaviors with your own unique Intuitive Self-Care techniques, which will be a much better “reward” than food ever could be. Are you ready to begin your journey of recovery, from a place of compassionate Self-Love, seeing your wholeness beyond the symptoms of your eating disorder?
At Positive Pathways, Dr. Dorie guides clients to address the cause of their obesity, rather than dieting or using other means to control the symptom of excess weight. In addition, for individuals who are considering weight loss surgery or who need post-bariatric surgery counseling, Dr. Dorie can provide assessments and therapy to address the mental and emotional aspects of overeating and obesity. Dr. Dorie can customize a treatment plan using her proven method of Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EIT)™ for you to overcome obesity.
At Positive Pathways, Dr. Dorie takes a "harm reduction" approach for those who struggle with excess alcohol consumption, prescription drug abuse, or other types of addiction. This puts you in charge of your recovery, where you can set limits on your alcohol/drug use, or choose abstinence if you can't stick to the limits you set. Dr. Dorie will guide you to address the cause of your substance abuse, so you can find healthier ways of coping with the stressors in your life. If you struggle with both eating disorders and substance abuse, Dr. Dorie takes an integrative approach to treat both issues simultaneously. She will customize a treatment plan for you, using her proven method of Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ so you can be free of ALL addictions!
At Positive Pathways, Dr. Dorie can address other mental and emotional issues, which often co-occur with eating disorders and alcohol/drug abuse. In many cases, the addictive behaviors are a means of "self-medicating," to reduce anxiety and/or depression. Appropriate prescription medications can often relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety and other psychiatric issues. Dr. Dorie partners with your current psychiatrist or medical doctor for the administration of prescription medications, and referrals for psychiatric or medical assessments can be provided as needed. As an alternative (or in addition) to medication, Dr. Dorie's sessions incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and other practices for relaxation and motivation.